New Drug sentencing guidelines applicable from 27th February 2012 Read Article

Nigel Shepherd has successfully advised and represented defendants in cases involving prohibited drugs for 40 years, including many long trials for conspiracy to supply, in London, Preston [R-v- Wahab], Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and Teeside.

The police will use informants and telephone tap to target suppliers and then dedicate substantial resources to surveillance of drug supply networks, using telephone connection evidence after arrests from mobile phone call histories in attempting to to demonstrate involvement.

In R-v-Honz, securing the largest reduction of sentence ever (in a case where different lawyers had acted at the trial.)

In 2010 Nigel Shepherd persevered with an appeal concerning possession with intent to supply of immature cannabis plants. [See Article]  The trial judge rejected the argument, as did the single judge of the Court of Appeal, but the Lord Chief Justice granted leave, and the Full Court upheld the appeal.

Since the previous practice of CPS was to charge “possession with intent” where gardeners claimed that the product was for their own use, this decision has generated other appeals