Nigel Shepherd acted for the lead defendant in the 3 year long pre-trial investigation of police misconduct which led to the collapse of a major Scotland Yard investigation. [Read Article] Instructing Richard Christie QC of 2 Pump Court and Jon Lennon of 23 Essex Street the team filed lengthy legal and factual submissions, and pressed for the disclosure necessary to examine the 40 odd other potential suspects in this 27 year old case.  The prosecution case was withdrawn shortly before the Judge was to give his ruling on allegations that the Officer in the Case had deceived prosecution counsel and deliberately withheld material from the defence.  All defendants were acquitted; the investigations were said to have cost £30 million, and police blamed “police corruption” for the failure of the case.

The defendants have been referred to specialist solicitors for their proposed action against the police for malicious prosecution.

In another historic murder case, Nigel Shepherd’s firm also instructed Richard Christie QC in the successful defence of Millionaire businessman Martin Hale, who was found not guilty of his wife’s murder[Read Article]

 Nigel Shepherd has conducted many other murder cases as Counsel

 Causing death in road traffic accidents is increasingly controversial:

“Drivers who kill ‘should face prospect of life in prison’ says police expert”

The head of Scotland Yard’s Road Death Investigation Unit (Detective Chief Inspector John Oldham) has called for the merging of road traffic and homicide laws to impose stronger penalties on those found guilty of killing cyclists or pedestrians.

Possible charges

Murder Where there is evidence the motorist killed another person intending to kill them, or cause really serious bodily harm. Mandatory life sentence

Manslaughter Gross negligence applicable where there is no intent to use the vehicle as a weapon of assault, but driving falls far below the required standard. Up to life imprisonment

Causing death by dangerous driving Maximum jail term 14 years, usually with an eight-year starting point, increased for aggravating factors, which are aggressive driving, driving while using a mobile phone, failing to regard cyclists, driving too close to them and driving into a cycle lane

Causing death by careless driving while under the influence of drink or drugs Maximum 14 years’ imprisonment

Causing death by careless or inconsiderate driving Maximum sentence five years