Legal Analysis

Defending complex cases requires the ability to command complex facts, and series of transactions, then identify the weakness of the case for the other side, and any technical legal issues.

 Criminal cases

The distinction between us and ordinary solicitors is that we will carefully analyse any charges laid against our client, and if they are arguably wrong we will take that argument, and not just accept that “it is always done that way!”  We do not accept the “conventional wisdom”

 Technical error – inappropriate charge

See R-v- Craig Wright [1]2 judges rejected the argument before we eventually succeeded


We do not accept things are sensitive just because the police say so

see R-v- Hopkins

We do not accept that things are not disclosable just because the Attorney General’s guidelines say so

 – see R -v- Lawson  (1990) 90 Cr App R 107 [2]

Time limits

We do not accept that that time limits do not apply to the prosecution, just because the judge does

R-v-Edwards CA 11/5/99


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