NIGEL SHEPHERD is qualified as a Solicitor, All Higher Courts Advocate, Barrister at Law,(non-practising), Member of the Honourable Society of Inner Temple, Honourable Society of Lincolns Inn, Bachelor of Laws

Nigel Shepherd at press conference outside the Old Bailey

NIGEL SHEPHERD practised as Barrister for 30 years, so knows all the best barristers He now acts only as a litigator under the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority;  he is entitled to represent clients in all Courts personally, but will normally instruct specialist counsel.

NIGEL SHEPHERD was recognised by the Legal Services Commission as a Serious Fraud supervisor in 2007 (when that qualification was necessary for very high cost fraud cases). His specialist skill is applying his wide legal experience to the supervision of teams in cases of great complexity or sensitivity.

NIGEL SHEPHERD has carried out 10,000 chargeable hours work in the last 4 years in high cost cases.  He has conducted fraud cases of all types, money-laundering,  terrorist and murder cases. He has acted as leading Counsel in many long and serious cases; drugs production, importation and supply. He has personally taken legal points to the Court of Appeal many times (CV of reported cases involving legal principles)

NIGEL SHEPHERD is retained by several prospective core participants in the Leveson Inquiry; and can be appointed for the purposes of Statutory Inquiries as the recognised legal representative designated under rule 6 or rule 7 of The Inquiry Rules 2006

NIGEL SHEPHERD’s long Experience includes conducting Chancery actions relating to conveyancing, undue influence by banks; landlord and tenant litigation and valuation; Construction and Technology (“Official Referee”) building disputes

This commercial experience gives him a far greater ability to understand complex real estate, mortgage, accountancy and commercial fraud.

NIGEL SHEPHERD lectures on Moneylaundering Compliance requirements to financial institutions, real estate investment and trading companies and conveyancing solicitors;

Police Station Advice  :-

Since the alteration of the terms of “the caution” the conduct of interviews of a suspect has become one of the most important stages of the criminal justice process – many cases are “won or lost” at the police station.

NB anyone suspected of an offence should ALWAYS refuse to answer ANY questions until he has been advised by a solicitor.  NIGEL SHEPHERD supervises a team of accredited representatives who can provide advice and attendance on arrested people at police stations free of charge (- publicly funded non means-tested [1] ); to a limited extent pre-attendance advice can be given under public funding;

For privately funded clients  we can offer in depth preparation, and in many cases we can negotiate with police for attendance by appointment (which saves the inconvenience of a 6am arrest at home); attendance at police stations by a senior solicitor can be assured if we are privately retained if ……


[1] As at 28/2/12, but the Legal Services Commission has reduced funding for this, and the legislation is constantly changing